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Interactive experiences for live or scheduled web-based implementation.

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Ohio Virtual Exhibit Solutions

When Pack Expo, the largest event for the packaging industry, hinted at going virtual, we reached out to our exhibit partner, TriSource Exhibits for help.  We’ve trusted our marketing consultant because we’ve always appreciated her feedback and suggestions on design.  We needed a way to reach our customers and prospects if we weren’t going to be seeing them on the show floor this year.

TriSource and their design team were ready to help us create a virtual showroom that would showcase our equipment similar to what you’d see in person.  The design and creativity is nothing short of spectacular and the 3D equipment is life-like!
What we received was a valuable sales tool for our team and an informative, interactive experience for our customers that enabled our team to share the latest innovations in secondary packaging during these unpredictable times.

Thanks to you and your team for all of your hard work on this project.  You’ve made something truly special for us.


Virtual interactive Exhibis
Virtual Exhibits
Ohio Virtual Exhibit Solutions

Track traffic and activity on your virtual exhibit. Collect leads and valuable information.

Video & Animation

3D modeling & HD rendering for still images, videos, animations and 3D interactives.

Product Animations, video Direction & production

HD Process Animations and video production

Animated video presentation from brand assets

Flat Photos & Graphics Touchpoints (Popups)

Add Interactive popup content to photos or graphics for touchscreen and web implementation.

Photography, images, drone footage, aerial photos with touchpoint popups

Interactive Location Tour Experiences

Create an interactive experience for your location, facility or campus by adding Interactive popup content to static photos or graphics for touchscreen and web implementation.

Interactive Location Tours and Experiences

360˚ Interactive Facility Tours

Interactive 360˚ “tour” experiences for touchscreen and web implementation. We will send you the 360˚ camera and tripod with instructions. Put the camera in key positions throughout your facility and take a photo with the easy to use app. After taking all of your 360˚ facility photos simply send it all back to us and we will process your interactive 360˚ facility tour.

360˚ Facility Tour – Skyline has cameras/equipment available to send out to clients to capture 360˚ images.

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